How To Make A Girl Squirt

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69 Sensuous Tips For Making Your Wife Or Partner Melt In Between The Sheets And Giving Her The Best Sex Ever

(These Tips Can Be Used By Any Man To Give Women Mind Blowing Orgasms)arrowdown


How To Make a Woman Squirt


5 Tips on How To Make Women Come

The male and female sexual systems are quite different. Men will ejaculate under any circumstance just by rubbing the penis, no matter who does it, women need the right setting, the right mood and the right partner. In other word, males ejaculate mechanically.


Men ejaculate under any circumstance just by rubbing their penis, no matter who does it. Women, on the other hand, need the right conditions.


And the conditions to make women come require a mix of the setting, the mood, the partner, and their own health.


Tip #1 Romantic Atmosphere

A setting that includes a romantic atmosphere in a pleasant and comfortable surrounding will have a big influence on her mood. Kiss her and cuddle her as much and as long as you can before approaching her genitals. 


Tip #2 Don't Rush Her

Women love to go slow. If your goal is to take her to a wild orgasm, don't be in a rush. Take your time for foreplay, and more so for preparing the setting and putting her in the mood. Let her know you care for her and her feelings.


Tip #3 Tease Her

When you start to stroke and touch her genitals, keep teasing her. Don't go directly to her clitoris or to her nipples. Make it slow and have her build up her desire until she can't wait anymore for you to touch her directly. 


Tip #4 Proper Lubrication

Make sure she is well lubricated. Use her own lubrication or if she's in her late thirties, use extra lubrication from a sex store.


Tip #5 Stimulate the clitoris

The clitoris is the main pleasure organ so stimulating it is key to her orgasm. Here you need to ask her what she likes and what sex position she prefers.




69 Sensuous Tips For Making Your Wife Or Partner Melt In Between The Sheets And Giving Her The Best Sex Ever

(These Tips Can Be Used By Any Man To Give Women Mind Blowing Orgasms)arrowdown



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Baal Berlin

Gabrielle genuinely wants to help men become better lovers. She opens up and tells men, candidly, what their girlfriends/wives have secretly been resenting them for not figuring out about what they really want in the bedroom. She's not only helping men become better lovers... she's helping women to have the lovers they have always dreamed of.

Dennis Boston, MA

I was cautiously optimistic, and then pleasantly surprised with her methods. Everything she said worked out!

Zack Malaysia

Gabrielle provides some great tips. Be warned, it may get your partner suspicious about where you've suddenly learned how to improve your lovemaking techniques.

Jim Nesbitt Vancouver, BC

Very good advice that a lot more men should follow and practise instead of pretending that they are the world's greatest lover. More women should tell their men that they are not doing a very good job. If the man is a MAN, then he will listen.


How to Give Your Woman The Kind of Orgasms She Expects


G Spot Video

These 10 secrets to please a woman are listed from last to first, here is the list of 10 secrets that satisfy women in bed. This information was provided by more than 1,000 women who  answered a survey:

10. Her breasts are you friends

Perhaps you love to play with your woman`s breast while at foreplay and are less interested in them when you're at it. The breasts are your friends because by stimulating them she will get a bigger orgasm. Just remember, not only the nipples, but the whole breast are crammed with nerves, mainly the underside. Here's a little tip you can do with the breasts: Very slowly, and starting from the outer limits draw spiraling circles towards the nipples, but stop before you're there. Then hold and lift the bottom of her breast with your hands, and continue the circling motion, this time with your tongue until the whole breast is in your mouth, then suck it softly. This technique works best when she's on top.

9. Women love it when you give them a G-Spot orgasm

View this video showing you exactly how to stimulate the G-Spot, how to find it and what to do to give her the most intensive orgasms. You will learn how to use both your fingers and your penis to stimulate that famous spot.

8. Make her feel irresistible with a quickie

Don't make a habit by turning sex into "quickies"... just use them to make her feel irresistible at selected and unexpected times. Be prepared with lots of lube because you'll be ready for sex but she may have her mind elsewhere. Of course, by kissing her deeply, caressing her and whisper dirty talk into her ears while you get more aroused, she may follow you. Massage her clitoris with your lubed fingers. Keep in mind that if she's not in the mood, let it go and try another day.

7. Know when to pull her hair smoothly

When she's aroused, her whole body turns into a huge sex organ. The scalp has a ton of nerves and they're very sensitive, thereby when you pull on her hair she will feel the added stimulation. There's a small caveat though. Women don't like to get their hair pulled when you're having sex from their behind, it makes them feel like they're being treated like hookers. On the other hand, when she's on top, you may grab s few strands of hair close to her scalp and pull gently. This will increase her pleasure.

6. They love dirty talk

Unlike men, who are visual, women are more verbal. Your woman likes to know how attractive she is to you and how turned on she makes you... how much you love her body, how you want to make her feel. The way you say things is so important, show her your burning in lust and she'll get fired up also.

5. Her neck is also a hot spot

The area of the neck is very thin and sensitive to touch, especially between underneath her ears to her collarbone. If you lick that area with your warm tongue and then blow the trail with your cool breath will inject tingles through her body. The bottom of her neck is a bit thicker so you can nip her and lightly suck her there for a second. Don't exaggerate and leave her marks.

4. Spoil her with oral sex orgasms

Boy, she loves them! You'll have to learn many different techniques because she won't be receptive to any and all of them any given day. You´ll have to be prepared to use a variety of moves to see which one she responds to. Try sucking, licking softly, use a firm pointed tongue, or a soft and wide one to find out. Be alert when her body tenses up and she stars breathing more quickly just before she's about to have an orgasm. Then use the moves that caused her biggest moans, and continue until she reaches her climax.

3. Touch her clitoris during intercourse

Clitoral stimulation is important during intercourse. Use your hands often to rub her hot spot. Begin touching her slowly and softly, progressing to quicker and harder. Experiment a little to see what she likes best, and even ask her. It may be that you use one finger pressing her clitoris directly, two or three fingers covering the entire are, or use the heel of your hand on her pubis. Listen to her moans to know when you got it right.

2. Don't stop kissing her during sex - pleasure a woman

Kissing her contributes to sex feeling more intimate and will allow her to feel more pleasure. A nice thing to do is mix up your smooches mirroring the mood of the sex you're having. If you're in a wild ride, give her a tongue deep kiss. Go with a sensual kiss when you're more romantic and going slow.

1. Show her your aggressive masculine side

Nothing turns a woman more than to feel your masculine aggressiveness taking control in bed. This means holding her with strength and confidence, bringing her to get extremely erotic. It's quite easy, by the way. It's about taking charge with things like taking her wrists and holding them above her head against the mattress. If she's on top, pull and push her hips back and forth to get her clitoris grinding against your pubic bone. When changing positions forget being polite, grab and put her where you want her to be.

How To Make A Girl Or Woman Squirt